Wyscout Forum Raymond Domenech

Raymond Domenech

Former French national team coach

Current President of the
French Coaches Association (UNECATEF)

How did Ligue 1 change in the last years?


First of all it changed with the arrival of the Qatari, particularly for PSG. Even if France always had important clubs such as Olympique de Marseille and Olympique Lyonnais, PSG grew up a lot with the Qatari. When you see Neymar arriving in Paris, this changes everything.


Who are the best young talents of french football?


Well, in attack we have Dembélé, Martial and Mbappé. In defense, France has footballers playing for Barcelona and Real Madrid. In the midfield, Kanté has been the player of the year during the last season with Chelsea. France has a lot of young and strong players. This could be an advantage but also a disadvantage.


Do you think that France has a good chance to win the World Cup in Russia?


It depends. A big match can be played also at the round of 16. So it is possible that France can face up a great team just after the group stage. France is at the moment is behind the big favourites group like Spain, Germany and Brazil.


Do you think that maybe there will be some surprise? Maybe a new national team?


Yes there is some new good team but I think that World Cup has a hierarchy. There is the group of the three top national teams and behind them there is a group of 4 or 5 competitors that can qualify to the semi-finals. Behind this group there are also other teams, like for example Belgium, that can arrive at the quarter finals that may represent a surprise during the competition.


What do do you think about Wyscout Forum?


I have already participated to Wyscout Forum in Turin and it was very interesting. I think is a useful event for people working in football to find out new techniques, to create new professional contacts and, most of all, to have a vision about how football is built with these new techniques. Talking about this with lots of people is very interesting. I’m here representing french coaches. It’s necessary to compare competences and qualities of these professionals and Wyscout is helping me to do that.


Technology and Wyscout changed football in the last 10 years…


Yes, completely. Now a coach or a player that wants to find out how someone else is working is helped by info and reports. The same passes for the clubs too. Football hasn’t changed, but everything that revolves around it totally changed.

Wyscout Forum Raymond Domenech