Pablo Ortells

Villareal Sporting Director

Pablo Ortells
  • How do you organize your daily work a Villareal Sporting Director?We try to schedule our weeks, day by day, checking on every Villareal’s teams, watching videos to look for new players, a lot of trips to supervise new players and new teams.
  •  How do you find new and young talents in Spain or abroad?You sometimes find them where you don’t expect to find them. You have to work hard, watch a lot of videos and identify players that you need at that moment.
  •  When do you realize that a certain player is the one you are looking for? We look players with many filters, attending their matches. This depends on which kind of player you are looking for: if he fits, you can go on and decide for him.
  • How does technology help you and your work ad Sporting Director in La Liga?Technology supports us very much because it would be impossible for us to watch all of those matches and players without it. It eases your daily work, cuts your deadlines. It’s fundamental.