Sidney Broutinovski

École des agents de joueurs de football

Sidney Broutinovski
  • Tell us more about players’ agents school in France. How does it work?The players’ agents school in France was born in 2009 from a private initiative. His goal is to train students to become agents. In France, this is mandatory for law. For this, it is necessary to train agents in the best possible way. Each one must pass an exam to get the license. We have to teach the students how to pass the exam. Wyscout is an essential platform for both theory and practice. We give access to the platform to our students. Wyscout is mandatory to work in football nowadays and it’s mandatory for agents who need the most important tools for their work.How did your work changed in the last years with technology and Wyscout?

    Wyscout has changed a lot and also the world of football too. This platform helped the improvement of agent’s job reputation because the relationships between clubs, federations and agents changed. Wyscout is nowadays a must-have platform. It’s a part of the evolution of this work. Before Wyscout, agents were showing their own videos about players with their cameras. Now, the magic of Wyscout is that you can watch videos, extract the highlights to show them to coaches and sporting directors. You can customize a playlist of players’ moves and this is really incredible .

    Also french football has changed a lot in the last years, most of all with the huge investments made by Monaco and PSG…

    Yes, Ligue 1 changed a lot. In these years we heard critics about PSG most of all. For this, people finally started to talk about Ligue 1. People talk about Neymar or PSG, but also about teams playing against them. For example, when someone from Nantes that isn’t necessarily a Nantes supporter, he goes to the stadium for watching Neymar and other football stars.

    How do you organize your daily work at the players’ agents school?

    It’s Very easy. Students represent our priority. We analyze every remark to improve our serivce. Today I’m happy because here at Wyscout Forum there are some ex students. Every day we offer something new, there is no routine.