How do I delete the App/subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription, please click on the link below:

My App does not work

Try to restore by following these steps:
Click on “More” (in the bottom menu) -> “General Settings” -> “Subscription” and click on “Reset subscription”
Verify that you are using the correct coordinates to access: if you have a Web Platform subscription, also access the App with the coordinates you use to log in from the PC and not with the phone number, otherwise the system will not recognize you. If you have only purchased the App remember that you can access only from phone and not even from PC so you will not need a password.

How to restore the sub mobile from the App

Click on “More” (in the bottom menu) -> “General Settings” -> “Subscription” and then click on “Reset subscription”

I can not login on the App

make sure you use the correct credentials, if you have an account with the desktop version you must use the ones you normally use from a PC and not the phone number

I can not download playlists / clips from my App

At the moment on APP you can download ONLY full matches: playlists and single clips can not be downloaded (you can only do it from the desktop version)