Platform & Technical Support

How can we change the language on the platform?

To change the language you need to access the platform, click on your name at the top right and then on “Settings”. The panel with personal information will open and you can change the language of the platform.

Player information and data are incomplete or wrong, how can I modify them?

Player information can not be changed independently on the platform. If you notice any inaccuracies or shortcomings, please contact our Customer Care Team who will do the verifications needed.

How can I add a player in my own portfolio?

To add a player in his own portfolio, you have to access the platform, clic on the Dashboard, select “Agent New”, and then clic on “Add Player” and insert the name of the player to add.

How do I delete a player from my portfolio?

In order to delete a player from your portfolio, simply access the Platform, click on the central icon of the app and select “Agent”. The page of your player portfolio will open: next to each player you will find a column with three […] clickable dots. Select “Delete” to delete the player from your portfolio.

How do I modify data from a player present in my portfolio?

You just need to access the Platform, clic on the Dashboard and select “Agent”. A new page will appear bringing you to your players portfolio: Select on the bottom of the line of the player the 3 dots, and select “Edit”. The data that can be modified is not the one present in the overview of the player, only data that has already been filled by the user beforehand.

Does Wyscout allow me to contact or to be contacted by other users of the Platform?

Through the Messenger tool, you can contact or be contacted by other registered users. To receive more information on this feature, please contact our Customer Care Team.

How can I keep track of my account limits?

The limits go from the 1st to the last day of the month, if a subscription has been subscribed on the 20th of the month the limits will be valid until the end of the month and then resume on the 1st day of the following month. In the new version of the platform that will be released soon it will be possible for the user to view the residual limits on the platform. For now, if you want to know how many minutes or clips you still have available, please contact our Customer Care Team

How can I check when a match will be tagged?

If the play icon of the game is gray and not blue it means that we still have to upload the video.

Where can I find the report definitions?

You can find all the information related to our data and statistics on our dedicated website

If you need clarification on the definitions of the reports you can download our manual by clicking on the following link:

How can I change the template of a report?

Only the group administrator can edit the template of a report. To do this go to dashboard-> report-> player scout report-> click on “gear” icon -> finally go to step5 “recommendation” -> and change the names

What to do if you are slow to access and difficult to navigate

If you have difficulty browsing, we recommend that you use google chrome as your default browser and clear your cache and cookies through the following link:
If the problem persists, please contact our Customer Care Team filling this Contact Form.

Where do I download the software to upload my videos to the Platform?

Just click on this link:

The videos I downloaded are not clear

We recommend using VLC (downloadable directly from this link: or to download the playlists using the “Video compatibility mode (slower)” flag when the clips are downloaded

Which are the file extensions of the video downloaded from the platform?

Video extensions are mp4 for full matches and playlists downloaded to a single file
If I download the zip, once the files are extracted the videos are in .ts

I have problems viewing the page, I see it too big / too small

Follow info in the following link:

How does the shared folder work?

Customers can create folders and / or playlists in order to share them: Dashboard -> Video -> My playlists -> Click the playlist wheel to share -> Move -> Main folder -> Shared folder (only accessible to your colleagues) -> “Select”. Once users have moved the playlists they will find them doing:
Dashboard -> Video -> My playlists -> “the name of the given subgroup”

How can I best see the videos I downloaded from the Platform

We recommend downloading the playlists with the VLC software (downloadable directly from here: or download them by setting the “Video compatibility mode (slower)” flag at the time of downloading the clips

How do I change the name of downloaded playlists?

This is the link to the tutorial on the youtube channel

How many playlists can I download at the same time?

You can download a maximum of 5 playlists at the same time, if you launch the sixth playlist, you will get the message that you have reached the limit of simultaneous downloads.
The playlists that have been previously launched must be completely downloaded to download the new ones.