Journalists and Media Policy

By the way of partial derogation from the “General Terms and Conditions for the Sale and use of the Wyscout Platform Service” (“General Terms and Conditions”), which states (Article 2.3) that is not permitted any type of reproduction of contents outside of the Wyscout Platform, with the present Journalists and Media Policy, Wyscout s.p.a. intends to authorize Journalists an Media Companies to use certain contents included in the Platform, for their reproduction by press, internet, print media and television, strictly under the following terms and conditions, duly accepted by the Journalist and Media Company:

– the Journalist and Media Company are expressly forbidden to publish and distribute to the public or through any website held or controlled by them any video or any content downloaded from the Platform, as well as any other contents not expressly authorized under this Amendment;

– the Journalist and Media Company are only allowed to publish screenshots of statistics and graphs data;

– the Journalist and Media Company shall partially publish Wyscout Reports, limited to a maximum percentage of 15% of each document;

– the Journalist and Media Company shall always include the written indication that the source of the published data is Wyscout S.p.a. If the reproduction is made via internet, they shall always indicate, as source, the link of the Wyscout website;

– During the agreement Wyscout will check the compliance to this Journalists and Media Policy for the use and reproduction of such Wyscout contents, by monitoring the activity of the Journalist and Media Companies;

– Wyscout S.p.A. reserves the right, and has full discretion, to check and report any misconduct against the Wyscout business activity and any violation of the Company image and it reserves the right to revoke this Journalists and Media Policy at any time, at its sole discretion.