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Wyscout Reports

Your Certified Resource. Today for free

  • Match Report
    Download everyday a complete pdf Report on the Match and study Teams’ Performances.
  • Team Report
    Based on the last 5 matches played it’s focused on one Team Performance.

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Discover 220.000 Players

The widest football Video DB.

Every week more than 1.000 new full matches online.
Tagged action by action and player by player.

Enjoy the new Advanced Search and filter 30 Million match events and 220.000 players in the world.


Go deeper with detailed Analysis

The big deal: Data+Videos.

30 Million Match events, Statistics and performance analysis,
distribution maps and career information, results and transfer contacts.
All you need to know to make better decisions.

The new Smart Navigation links data to videos to watch related actions in a click.

Match Analysis Suite

Analyze, Edit and easily Share.

  • Timeline based Video Tagging
    Highlight your selected actions and export new playlist by player, action or match.
  • Advanced Playlist Editor
    Manage clips into playlists: trim, split, move, add title, add circles and arrows. Online, with a few clicks.
  • Sharing and messaging
    Collaborate with your team by sharing your work and enhance the workflow by leveraging the platform messaging capabilities.


Where deals happen

Transfer contacts and online Marketplace.

Whether you are Promoting or Scouting talents Wyscout is the place to be.

Access to the largest Address book in Football and make an impact by directly contacting Clubs and Players’Agents.

Leverage The Wyscout network to empower your transfer contact list and make deals happen.
Add your contact to players you’re representing, create your own Profile or your Agency page, promote your players and be the one to deal with.

Transfer Marketplace

Where Deals Happen.

Global, Online, Always on.
Read online the list of vacancies posted by
Football Teams and promote your represented ones.

Leverage the Wyscout network to empower your
transfers contact list and make deal happen.


Create Reports

Your own Reports. Now at their best.

  • Team Assessment
    create in simple steps a professional Team Assessment on your own.
  • Player Report
    a complete, custom and clear Analysis on a single Player.

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Attach playlists or full matches, Archive and Share them on Wyscout.




Join the largest Community of football professionals.

Be part of the Global Network of football decision-makers. Get in contacts with Sport Directors, Agents or Scouts. Send direct messages to colleagues and share videos and reports with them. Bring your business to the next level.

Send direct messages to the members of your team attaching videos and reports, or contact Agents or Scouts to kick-off new deals.

New Scouting Tools

Enhanced Discovery Tools.

  • Enhanced Advanced Search
    Browse by age, role, career level, passports, and stats: finding your next player has never been so easy.
  • Scout Reports
    Create online Player or Team reports: define your own template or use a standard one.
  • Playlist easy Builder
    Pick, collect and easily share videos about players within the scouting department.
  • Messaging and Calendar
    Empower communication in your scouting department. Enhance its task management with a full activity planner for scouts with centralized alerts.

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The most complete Footage about Football matches in the World. 75 Countries and more than 150 Championships. Enjoy the shortest lag between the game and its upload.


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